Welcome to the North Williston Brewing Co website.N. Williston Brewing is a local femto-brewery. Yeah, that's right femto-brewery. No, go ahead, look it up. We'll wait. No, no, seriously go check it out. This page will be here when you get back. Femto-brewery. Not micro, not nano, not pico, but femto.Did you find it? No? Google didn't find anything? Well, that's right, we are that small. What is a femto-brewery? This is a term coined by North Williston Brewing to define the home brewer who hits the 200gallon mark annually. This is not a licensed brewery. The beer produced by North Williston Brewing is for personal consumption only. Well, who are we kidding. Two people alone cannot consume 200 gallons annually. We open our doors to all family and friends, who are always welcome to stop by to share in some great (well usually great), high quality (err mostly high quality), but always hand crafted brews.