Growler Exchange

North Williston Brewing Co is offering a Growler Exchange program. There is no cost associated. Bring us your clean (preferably sanitized) growlers and we will fill it. It is that simple.

Why start an exchange?

As a home brewer it is difficult to consume 5 gallons of beer in a reasonable amount of time. Brewing is a fun experience and we actually enjoy the brew process as much as we enjoy our beer. We brew beer in 5 gallon batches. Each batch takes 4-8 weeks to ferment and age before it is ready to drink. Once ready it can take 2 months or longer to consume. Simply put, to hit the 200 gallon per year mark, beer must be consumed at a rate of 15 gallons per month. You, the growler holder, can help us achieve our 200 gallon goal by consuming our home brew. Why turn down free beer?

How is this an exchange? You give us beer what do we owe North Williston Brewing Co?

We cannot keep brewing 200gallons per year forever. Our goal is to create 6 great recipes. That way, when the time comes to cut back production we will have 6 "go-to" recipes; any one of which can produce awesome results.

Everyone's taste buds are different. As a growler exchangee you will receive this free beer in exchange for your opinion. All you have to do is give honest feedback. After drinking the beer head to our "Beer Grader" page and let us know what you thought. All you have to do is rate the beer on a scale of 1 to 10. We encourage participants to leave additional comments, but that is optional. We then use this information to improve our brew process and recipes. The more feedback you leave on the questionnaire the better. More information provides us more insight on how to improve our beer.

In the end, honest feedback = improved batches = you drinking better beer. What can be better than that?